That’s what the average business spends on printing and photocopying costs from their annual turnover.

So if you turn over £100,000 a year, you’re spending about £4,000 a year on photocopying.

And similarly, if you’re a smaller business with a turnover of £20,000 it still equates to a massive £800 on photocopying.

It really is staggering when you think about the figures.

How often does someone in your office say ‘i’ll just photocopy that’ or ‘I think I need a couple more copies of this’.

Each of those trips to the copier add up.

And this is something we’re well aware of at Unique Copiers – we don’t want these costs to have any more of an impact on your business than they need to.

That’s why we are dedicated to providing a value for money and reliable service.

We have managed to save some of our clients thousands of pounds a year in the past – in some cases they don’t even realise they’ll make these massive savings when they sign up with us, they just want to use us because we’re reliable.

So if you’re worried about spiralling copying costs or having to restrict staff usage of the photocopying machine, get in touch with us.

We know a copy machine is a vital business enabler in many firms and we want to make sure you are using it as efficiently as possible.

And because of this, we will be on hand to fix any problems and ensure you never run out of toner too – that dreaded message on the machine when you have an important meeting!

The turn of the year is a good time to think about looking ahead, checking everything is in place for the coming year of hard work – so make copying one of those checks.

For more information about Unique Copiers call 0845 108 9050 and see if we can help keep that 4% at 4% – or lower it!

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