When you think National Microchip Month – you probably think of computers, phones, tablet devices… that sort of thing.

I would imagine photocopiers do not jump to mind quickly.

But chips have actually made a huge difference to the way Unique Copiers operates and improved the experience for thousands of our customers.

On each photocopier supplied by Unique Copiers – whether it is two copiers to a small business or over 50 copiers to a nationwide chain – we ensure there is a chip installed which automatically alerts us at head office when the toner is nearly out.

That way we can get a toner sent automatically to you .

Before, customers would be waiting days for refills, now we sometimes know it’s run out before the customer does.

This technology does cost a lot to install but we invested in this years ago because we felt it was worth it. It comes as standard in all of our contracts now, with no extra cost to the customer.

Some of our competitors don’t use it because of this – but for our customers, gone are the days when you waste work time standing at a photocopier shaking a toner trying to squeeze more out of it.

Gone are the days when you pay very high express delivery costs because you need that toner the next day – or even that day in urgent cases.

For us and our chips, we have a reliable and more efficient streamlined service. You never run out of toner, because we won’t let you run out of toner.

You can trust Unique Copiers to give you exactly what you need at a reasonable price. And we’ll keep up that service as we maintain your machines too.

If you find yourself standing at the copier and shaking your toner or constantly frustrated by an alert that you’re running out, contact Unique Copiers by calling one of our team on 0845 108 9050 or email info@uniquecopiers.co.uk and we will be able to advise on the best way to proceed.

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