Unique Copiers Ltd Management Team Telford

Here at Unique Copiers we like to think there are many reasons why potential customers would choose us.

One of the biggest reasons is that we’re a local company, based on St George’s Road Industrial Estate in Telford.

This means when you choose to use us, you’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with. We’re not a bunch of nameless, faceless people on the end of the phone. You’ll get to know our staff through face to face contact.

Also it’s a huge bonus if anything was ever to go wrong with your machinery as it means the engineers you’ll be calling out are just a few miles down the road from you, instead of being on the other side of the country.

We pride ourselves on being based in Telford and having a huge amount of customers from the surrounding area.

And their feedback backs up how great having a supplier on your doorstep is.

Of course, one of the other main benefits of ‘shopping local’ is the economic boost this provides.

Research shows for every £1 spent with a small or medium sized business, 63p stays in the local economy compared to 40p when you shop with a larger business.

Charities and community groups also benefit, as smaller businesses tend to support non-profit organisations more – to the tune of 250 per cent compared to large businesses.

Put simply, if you shop with a local company then they’re more likely to put that money back into your local community. They will be able to employ more people – and are more likely to recruit from within the area – which will lower the unemployment rate.

They’re also going to be more passionate about the area, just like you, as they shop, live and work here too.

So it’s clear to us that staying local has great benefits – and we’re very proud to say we’re a Shropshire business.

If you’d like to find out more about Unique Copiers then give one of our friendly team a call on 0845 108 9050 or e-mail us at info@uniquecopiers.co.uk

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