Businesses today rely on the office printer for a number of tasks. From printing out high quality colour brochures to training presentations – they can be put under considerable strain. With this in mind there may be a time when your printer needs to be upgraded, and below are seven signs when this might happen.

Printing quality

If you’re printing out a large number of copies you want to make sure that the quality is consistent every time. Whether it’s a brochure for your client or a binded report nothing is worse than a faded typeface. You might have even experienced a printer missing out pages altogether. Excess ink streaks or blotches on your documents could be a tell tale sign that your printer needs either a service, or replacing altogether.

Paper regularly jams

Top of the market printers are going to experience the odd problem once in awhile. But if you’re constantly having to leave your office chair to fix paper jams it’s only a matter of time before you need to upgrade to a newer model. Paper jams can be a sign that the printer is coming to the end of its life. A lot time can be wasted constantly having to open up the paper tray, not to mention the frustration that goes with it.

Takes too long

The whole idea of a printer is that it’s fast and efficient. But if you spend too long standing around waiting for something to print then you might need to rethink your office technology. If you have a look at the manual you should be able to find out what the optimal amount of pages per minute is, if its not meeting that requirement then speak to your local copier supplier right away.

Expensive repair costs

If you’re having to spend large sums of money fixing a printer that has the same issue time and again, after a while it makes more sense to get rid of it completely. Printer parts are not cheap and so care must be taken to maintain them. If you have a good supplier then they will be able to help you with maintenance costs that will meet your budget.

Poor connection

Most modern day printers now connect wirelessly to computers in the office. With constant changes in technology printers are moving away from the physical connection to one that can connect wirelessly. If your printer doesn’t allow for Wi-Fi connectivity then it might be time to move into the future and look for something that does.

Too many brands

Large offices will have more than one printer for staff to use. This can become complicated if you have to show staff how to use a number of different models and explain their capabilities. The easiest way is to find the brand that works best for you and buy another printer.

Can’t find the right cartridge

Sometimes certain brands of printer get taken off the market and when that happens it can be hard to find the right ink cartridges to fit. Without the right sized cartridge your printer is next to worthless and you’ll have no choice but to upgrade. There are plenty of options with some printers now eco-friendly, meaning that you can have a high quality product while doing your bit for the environment.

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