At Unique Copiers, we understand every office is different. And that means the perfect copier is going to vary from business to business – luckily we’ve got plenty to choose from and our expert staff know the specifications inside out.

So to start you off on your search, we’ve picked out three of our favourites depending on the needs of your company.

Great for speedy copying

Many businesses rely on making lots of copies of documents quickly, you don’t want to be waiting around forever for your copier to finish its task.

That’s where the Toshiba A3 colour systems come into their own. With impressive document output speeds of up to 50 pages per minute, the e-STUDIO500AC series boosts industry-leading technology.

Put simply, it’s made for a busy office environment, with customisable table-style user interface, mobile printing capabilities and warm up time of just 12 seconds from low power mode.

A great all-rounder

Small and medium sized businesses often have completely different requirements to larger companies – and one of the main needs is usually for one device which will do it all, from printing and copying to scanning and faxing.

The compact A4 colour e-STUDIO306CS will do exactly that and more: outstanding image quality, speeds of up to 30 pages per minute in colour and a maximum paper capacity of 1,450 sheets means even the larger jobs are no problem for this copier.

It even complies with the strictest environmental standards so you can rest assured you’re using resources responsibly.

Great for reusing paper

Environmental concerns are the primary focus for some companies and that’s where the Toshiba e-STUDIO 306LP Eco Photocopier steps in.

It’s the world’s first eco-friendly multi-function printer which can erase images and texts. The MFP combines with the RD30 to remove toner colour, providing cost and environmental benefits.

Paper usage is reduced by 80 per cent as the tray can be refilled five times with the same paper and there’s a 55 per cent reduction in the system’s total CO emissions.

Plus it sorts paper into reusable and un-reusable sheets at the same time and digitises the documents before erasing.

If you’re looking for a new copier then we can guide you through the best we have to offer so simply email or call us on 0845 108 9050 to find out more.

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