There’s a national day for everything these days. national pastry day, pirate day, walking day, migraine day… all very informative but there aren’t too many we pay attention to here at Unique Copiers.

Apart from this one – World Environment Day on June 5.

This is incredibly important to us. We have been taking huge strides to take care of the environment during 2017.

We have been championing for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

From our base at St George’s Industrial Estate, Donnington, we have been helping to promote the Carbon Zero Scheme through their range of Toshiba copiers.

The Carbon Zero Scheme combats CO2 emissions through the offsetting of all Toshiba products from procurement to delivery and beyond.
They are the only eco friendly copiers in the world – and the ones we feel are best to use for performance and reliability too.

It means there is yet another benefit to becoming a customer of Unique Copiers, improve your corporate social responsibility.

Many companies rely heavily on our copiers on a daily basis and by using the Toshiba brand they are able to take advantage of this fantastic scheme.

It shows that as a business they’re engaging with an ethical and environmentally conscious organisation.

Companies will be able to promote their carbon zero fleet via their website, newsletters and many other forms of communications.

So as the public is more vocal about demands for less packaging, recyclable products and reduced carbon emissions – if you’re a Unique customer you can say you’re doing that.

You can say you’re helping to reduce deforestation and encouraging growth of local habitats and plants.

You can say you’re listening to government environmental policies and taking action.

For more information about how you can benefit from the Carbon Zero Scheme get in touch with one of the friendly staff at Unique Copiers today on 0845 108 9050.     

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