Think about your office, school or workplace – what do you print? Important documents with vital information on?

Would you believe it, 70% of all printing is an email.

The very thing that was billed as the answer to going paperless accounts for almost three quarters of printing in Great Britain today.

And with the recent introduction of GDPR laws these documents will need to be stored safely and securely if they contain personal data information. The need to print these documents will not have reduced at all.

At Unique Copiers we rely on knowing the current printing and copying habits to be able to offer our customers exactly what they need for their business, so we try our best to keep up to date with any research conducted within the industry.

There have been some really interesting studies done recently by Keypoint Intelligence looking at Western Europe including the UK.

It revealed that the main reason why people were printing documents was they prefered to review and edit on paper rather than on screen, with more than 50% of people giving this as a reason for pressing print.

Other popular reasons for printing were to give the document to someone else within the organisation or to keep (either temporarily or permanently) for reference.

It was much less common for workers to be printing something to send as a fax (predictably, given the reduction in faxing over the past few years), to give to someone outside of the organisation or to send by post.

Just over 60% of the employees asked used the multi-function printer in their office every day for printing A4 sized documents, with 42% using the copy function.

Education and professional services were responsible for the highest amount of paper usage, but across all sectors surveyed almost half of all of their business content remained on paper.

Other sectors that generate most paperwork were legal services and accountants, which you can imagine involved printing invoices, signed contracts and other important documents.

Understandably, organisations generating a large amount of printing or copying need to find a cost-effective way to do so.

And that’s where we come in at Unique Copiers.

Through keeping an eye on the trends and combining this knowledge with years of experience, we can talk customers through how to find a solution which works for their business – one which will be efficient and effective not only today but into the future too.

The explosion of the internet, the increase in people using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, the number of employees now working remotely rather than in the office, and the rise in awareness about the environmental impact of using reams of papers have all contributed to a shift in the way people print and copy.

If you think you need to review your photocopying needs then please get in touch with us at Unique Copiers and we will see what savings you can make.

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