Here at Unique Copiers we are only too aware of the budget constraints faced by schools.

What money there is must be made to stretch further, so it is vital that none of this cash is wasted needlessly.

This is why we need to speak out against those companies who are essentially ripping schools off with photocopying ‘deals’ that are costing a fortune – money that could be better used in actually helping with educating our children.

So, are you spending too much on your photocopying deal?

Photocopying costs may not be at the top of a school’s list of priorities as it could be wrongly thought that one deal will be pretty much the same as another.

But bosses at some of our schools and academies are simply not getting the best deal available and this is something which is costing a lot of money.

We are asking schools to think about what they are doing when it comes to the cost of photocopying or installing a photocopier.

Far too many schools are paying too much, they get tied into contracts which just get renewed without a second glance. But we would urge them to consider the deal they have or the one they are thinking of taking on and shop around.

Better still, get in touch with our team here at Unique Copiers and we will show you how you could save up to 40% on what you may be paying.

We have 30 years experience in our industry and are passionate about getting the message out there that we have more affordable options available and we are a local company – which makes us a more reliable alternative.

We work hard for local nurseries and primary, secondary and academy schools as well as colleges and sixth form centres.

During our company’s lifetime we have developed an excellent working relationship with our clients, many of those who started with us all those years ago are still with us today. That really sums up the reliability, customer care and cost-effectiveness that we and our clients value so highly.

We supply those in education across the Midlands with photocopiers and printing equipment and make sure they receive the best after-sale service.

Educational establishments regularly renew leases with us because they know we are a company they can trust and we can offer them the best deal.

Unfortunately this is not the case with some other companies and that is why we raise awareness of such practices to try and ensure local authorities, schools and colleges have all the information to make the right decisions.

This means they can avoid the naivety of entering into contracts which are going to prove extremely detrimental to their finances.

To find out if we can save your nursery, school or college money call us on 0845 108 9050.

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