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The boss of a Telford home care company has urged people to buy products from local and reliable companies after getting tied up in contracts and travelling to Lincoln to solve her problems.

Sue Robson, who set up Supreme Home Care in 2006 alongside Jacky Ernshaw, said her photocopying contracts have caused her a big headache over the last few years.

“We have been locked into a terrible company who have treated us badly,” Sue said.

“I needed someone to scrutinise the legal arrangements because I am not an expert in these kinds of things – my expertise is in nursing and taking care of the 160 elderly people we look after in the community.

“Once our contracts were looked at we found out that we had three contracts and a huge back debt which we weren’t aware of.

“In six months the prices had risen by 22%, one increase was 15% just because of Brexit.

“The service was bad as well. We would report a fault, they would respond and tell us they had ordered a part and then we wouldn’t hear from them for two weeks.”

Sue was unaware that the headquarters of the company she was dealing with was based in Lincoln, as she struggled to get out of the contracts she was in she had to drive there to take two printers to them or risk a hefty fine.

With 75 members of staff who all work off paper timesheets and, because of the age of Supreme Home Care’s clients, all correspondence is paper based so Sue knew things had to change.

As she started to look for another company to take care of her photocopying needs she decided to look closer to home.

She began working with Unique Copiers and said the fact that she always dealt with the same person, owner Adrian Casey, was reassuring.

“Adrian is personable, local and he has been very wise with the advice he has given us,” she said.

Unique Copiers has over 30 years experience in the copying and printing industry and has an excellent reputation for the quality and their products, service and reliability.

If you think you need to review your photocopying needs then please get in touch with us at Unique Copiers and we will see how we can help.  Browse this website or call 0845 108 9050.

For more information about Supreme Home Care visit their website.

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