Unique Copiers Ltd are able to offer a wide range of New, Used and Fully Refurbished Photocopiers. We are official partners with Toshiba, whom are industry leading manufacturers meaning we have access to a large product portfolio including some of the most environmentally friendly machines in the wold. As a result of this partnership we are able to ensure we supply the right printer for the right job and therefore maximise your copying efficiency, whilst reducing your copying costs too!

When purchasing a photocopier for your business, it is vital that you consider your exact copying needs. Our friendly team are on hand to help you review your photocopying situation and provide you with a free survey to highlight areas that we could help you improve.

There are two different ways in which you can purchase a photocopier. This can be done by buying the device outright or financed via a lease. Many companies choose the leasing option as they are not hit with the initial cost of the machine and this also allows them to upgrade their machine to the latest technology further down the line.

With all of our Printers and Copiers, we are able to offer a Managed Print Service Agreement in order to ensure that your devices continue to run efficiently with limited down time. Our dedicated engineering department are always available and as part of your service agreement parts and toners are included so there are no additional running costs to your business.