By Adrian Casey

I started playing cricket a year ago and have been really enjoying it. The competitiveness, the team ethos, the social side of it is all really good fun each week. Little did I know it would lead to meeting the latest members of the Unique team!

I met 29-year-old Michael Francis at Wellington Cricket Club and was impressed with his dedication and eagerness to learn.

He’s now started training to be an engineer for us and will help to ensure schools and businesses across Shropshire and beyond will be in full working order for all their photocopying needs.

Michael, of Lawley, Telford, has worked in retail at DW Sports but decided to take on a career change in order to join our team.

He said: “It is great to have found this new role.
“I really enjoyed the cricket but didn’t expect it to lead to this – it’s going to be interesting playing at the weekend with my boss now but I’m sure it won’t affect the work I can do for Unique Copiers.
“I saw the opportunity for progression in this field more so than my previous job and feel really excited about the future.

“The training is hard and there is a lot to learn but I know I can do it and then help to keep the businesses and school of Shropshire and beyond on top of all their copying needs.”

Unique Copiers has been established for over 30 years and we still have clients from when we first started.
I pride myself on have a transparent and ethical business, operating with moral high standards.
The latest addition joins the seven current members of staff at our headquarters on St George’s Road Industrial Estate.

For more information about Unique Copiers call 0845 108 9050 or visit the website.

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