You will have no doubt noticed that 2018 has started with a bang for Unique Copiers.

We’ve had new employees starting every month, pretty much, and new clients

coming on board constantly.

Half way through the year I am taking the chance to take stock and consider what is

the driving force behind this period of change.

I have come to the conclusion that good staff is the answer. And in this case, good

Shropshire people make the difference to our business.

Unique Copiers has always been proud of its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable

company. We aim to be transparent in our business structure and always get the

best deal for each client.

And we’re focusing on that even more now.

Photocopying and printing is not something that a company leader should be

worrying about when they have a business to run. But it is an essential part of so

many businesses these days, it is the business enabler in many offices.

People are starting to become aware of problems in this industry over the last year

or so with some high profile cases. They are wary of cold calls and wary of being

ripped off. So the people you have working in your company are very important, they

need to represent you.

I believe £2billion or £3billion could be saved in schools and councils across the UK

just on their photocopying deals.

Some companies claim to do a ‘Go Compare’ style service with three quotes for

photocopying services – but it’s just one company offering a variety of quotes.

We don’t offer any such promises. We are what we are and you know what you’re

getting with Unique Copiers – and those are the type of staff we have taken on

recently as well. Upfront, honest and reliable.

It really does seem to be having a big impact already this year. The county’s

economy seems to be stable to me and we are getting more enquiries as a result of


For Unique, the plan is more growth. We will be taking on more sales people to

further support Unique Copier’s expansion and we will continue to support our

existing valued customers and all future customers through great, trustworthy staff.

So, watch this space!

Adrian Casey, Managing Director, Unique Copiers

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