Photocopiers & Printers in Education

It is a known fact that the British Education System is going through a tough time as establishments continuously have their budgets slashed. As technology advances, schools are becoming more and more reliant upon their internal print and copy services, therefore it is of upmost importance that these services are reliable, efficient and cost effective.  At Unique Copiers Ltd we pride ourselves on our honest and transparent approach to business with all of our customers.  We have been selling and servicing photocopiers and printers for over 25 years and our biggest testament of all is that we have retained customers from when the company first started.

Our head office is based in heart of Telford, Shropshire. Within the Midlands area, many educational establishments including nurseries, primary and secondary schools from both within the private education and local authority sector have chosen Unique Copiers Ltd as their preferred photocopy and print provider.

Excellent relationships have been formed between these clients and Unique Copiers and this is mainly due to our open and honest approach to business  and because we ensure that the benefits of any deal are with the customer. The relationships we have established with our customers means that these education establishments have gone on to renew their contracts with us at the end of their lease because they trust us to give them not only the best machines for the job, but also the best deal!

Unfortunately, it is however a fact the other companies in the industry do not share our values of selling Photocopiers and printers especially deals within educational and local authority environments.  We at Unique Copiers Ltd would like to raise awareness to such practices in order to help Schools, colleges and council led authorities make a more informed decision when choosing their preferred supplier for photocopiers and printers.

Recent articles about these bad practices have been raised in the press as shown below.

Daily Mirror, 14 May 2014, Posted by Andrew Penman

Schools stunned by ‘hidden’ copy costs which ”deprive children of books”

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SMT Magazine, 8 Oct 2012 Posted by Jamie Griffiths

School Photocopier Rip-offs: Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

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BBC 5 Live, 8 Jan 2012 Posted by Adrian Goldberg Presenter, 5 live Investigates

Schools kit scam ‘could cost schools millions’

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