The photocopying scam known as triple click is still catching businesses, councils, schools and other organisations out – at a cost of many thousands of pounds.

Triple click is not uncommon in the photocopying industry, but despite many warnings and high profile cases in the press, many people are still unaware of the scam or how to spot it.

In essence, the con means paying three times for copies when you should only be paying for one.

Here at Unique Copiers we are committed to clients getting the right product and service and feel we need to highlight triple click to the many other groups and organisations out there for whom this is going unnoticed – and for which they are paying dearly.

Director Adrian Casey said: “I raised this problem late last year but it is clear many people are still unaware of what is happening and are being conned out of thousands of pounds.

“Prospective clients get the hard-sell and don’t understand the full implications of what they are signing up for or they may be with a supplier and think they are tied into a contract.

“What these companies are trying to say is that it’s nothing unusual, it’s all part of your contract and you pay for cost per copy – but you should actually pay for cost per scan.

“People are going to prison over this and companies are folding because of it. Some unscrupulous firms are ripping people off blind.

“I feel very strongly about this and have visited a number of different organisations around the country and talked to them about the cost of copying.

“There have been cases where suppliers have been challenged about the high cost of copying, when it has finally been noticed, and many thousands of pounds have been refunded. It is also possible to get out of fraudulent contracts.

“There is a test people can do to see if they are being conned. Print off a counter report, which shows the number of copies made. Then run off one colour copy and then print off another counter report. If the number has increased by more than one copy it is time to act.

“It’s important people are made aware of what can happen and what to look out for in an attempt to stop paying for something they don’t need to.

“Trust between the client and supplier is vital. Unique Copiers have been in business for almost 30 years and have built up that vital rapport with our clients.

“We advise on what copiers are best for their needs and follow that up with a unique after-sales service which keeps the client well-briefed through the life of their photocopier with details of upgrades and when it is time to change.”

If you are unsure whether you are paying too much for your photocopying, contact Unique Copiers at and we will be able to advise on the best way to proceed.

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